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Hal P. Farley was born in Virginia and raised in the heart of California.
After graduating from the San Joaquin Valley College of Law in 1992, Hal passed the California bar examination on his first try.


For over 30 years, Hal has been a lawyer in California.  He started practicing law independently, then spent many years as both an associate and/or partner for firms including the Law Office of Greg Morris and Associates, Farley & Ketendjian, Michael B. Clayton and Associates, and now Juarez, Adam & Farley.  Hal has appeared in state court in counties on the Central Coast, as well as in Northern and Southern California. 


Hal has been proud to call the Central Coast home for over 20 years, along with his wife, Marie, where he uses his knowledge and experience of the law to provide justice to the folks of this community.

San Joaquin College of Law, 1992



Admitted to the California State Bar Association: 1/12/1993

California Attorney for over 30 years

Served on the Madera County Grand Jury, 2000-2002

Admitted to Practice,

US District Court of California Eastern District

Admitted to Practice,

US District Court of California Central District


Knights of Columbus 

Catechetical Leader

Good Samaritan Shelter (coordinator for SLDM in feeding the homeless)

Member of the Santa Maria Philharmonic 

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